Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15

Polysplenia syndrome; a congenital syndrome of multiple splenic masses, abnormal position and development of visceral organs, complex cardiovascular defects, and abnormal, usually bilobate, lungs. (according to the free medical dictionary)

I know you may be wondering why i would post the definition of such a odd sounding syndrome. I have it. As a result of my polysplenia, i have (as it states) multiple splenic masses, situs inverses and a complex cardiovascular system, complete with big defects. Which, even after being repaired, has left me with my version of normal.

Now, nothing about me is normal, so its no surprise that my internal organs would be off. lol. Anyways, i posted this, as I have recently found that my heart probably needs additional "fixing." Not of the leaks, but of an obstruction and a narrowing of one of the canals in the heart.

This is no small task, nor a quick and easy fix. But, I am of the thought of, if its concerning enough for you to bring it to my attention and won't get better if its left to itself, then why not just go ahead and fix it now? But my doc wants to make sure all the ducks are in a row, and they have no surprises, which is a wonderful thing. I just have very little patience and want my body to go back to my normal. Be it ever so frightening to lesser docs, its what I've come to be used to.

I have two options as to how I can deal with this, I can hide in my bed, bemoaning my condition, or I can allow myself to have faith and trust in God. I have to choose the latter.  Feeling sorry for myself never solved anything.  

If it were not for God, i would not be alive, period.  The docs did not give me a good prognosis, but, I believe He sent a great surgeon into my life as an infant, and were it not for him, and God working through him, i would not be here today.   37 years ago, the prognosis was not very good for babies with heart defects.   But, here I am, coming up on 37, despite a few health issues, I'm not doing too bad. :)

As long as i don't dwell on the negative too much, i do well, i keep my faith up and i try to rest some, but keep active at the same time. Its so easy to fall into the hide in my room and do nothing way of thinking, but i have to remember my kiddos and that they need me.  My kids are such a blessing to me and they keep me young and happy.  I have to get through this so i can see them grow up and give me grandchildren :).

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Ginger said...

Love you Callie! I will continue to keep you in my prayers. You've got a great outlook on this!